Women Bleed Green

Campaign : ‪#‎WomenBleedGreen‬
How to participate: It’s as simple as it gets! You only need to produce a meme (see example below). Take your pic and write “Menstruation Matters because…”. Be creative and complete the sentence.
It is very important to create this awareness as each sanitary pad takes 500-800 years to decompose. If you are concerned about this, share your meme and spread the awareness.
You can post meme on your own timeline or below as comment. Don’t forget to Tag us @smartindianwomen and hashtag #WomenBleedGreen
Official Campaign dates
Campaign starts: 24th of May, RIGHT NOW!
Campaign finishes: 10th of June, at around 12:00 noon IST
Our partner hygieneandyou.com will provide hampers to selected participants : 15th of June

Event Details