Your Menstruation Bracelet = Your Menstruation Experience

A new take on the Flagship Menstruation Bracelet of Official MH Day Banner.

Urging menstruators to swap the 28/5 format of the bracelet to make a custom menstruation bracelet showing actuals numbers of their cycle & periods.

It is a known fact that many menstruators experiences cycles that do not coincide with the theoretical 28/5 set.

Using the global symbol to end period stigma- the bracelet- to create awareness about the varied lived experiences of menstruators.

Non-menstruators can use experience of a menstruator they know or use the 28/5 format

People with inconsistent cycles may use numbers from last cycle or 28/5 format

It will involve getting on board the Sex Educators & MHM Educators from across India on board.

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