Your Period Is A Superpower: Workplace Edition

In this panel discussion with workplace leaders, we tackle how menstruation affects the modern workplace, from menstruators’ own experiences in dealing with period pain at work, to how the people around them – managers, colleagues, and more – are affected. More than just sharing experiences, this discussion aims to equip audiences with knowledge and tools to create a more forward-thinking workplace environment that takes advantage of the menstrual cycle.

We want to give workplace leaders, both fellow women and men, a better understanding of the changes in menstruator’s bodies that affect performance, energy levels, mental state, and overall well-being. With this in mind, we can all work together towards creating a more safe but also positively productive workplace for everyone.

It is to be expected that we enter the workplace with set ideas in mind about how to behave and how to excel, but the complexities of menstruators’ bodies and their inner cycle creates greater opportunities than we must openly recognize and act on.

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