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24 - 25 May Africa Coalition Symposium on Menstrual Health

The African Coalition on Menstrual Health  (ACMH) and UNFPA East and Southern Africa have announced that the Africa Coalition Symposium on Menstrual Health, which will be held from 24-25 May 2023  from 1.30 – 5pm South Africa time virtually. The theme for this year is “Achieving menstrual justice through a grassroots and multisectoral approach.”

As the virtual follow-up of the previous symposium held in May 2021 in Johannesburg, the symposium will track the progress made thus far against the Call to Action in 2021. The symposium will be guided by panels of high-level leaders and champions, academicians, community-led developers, innovators, young leaders and private sectors among many others during the two-day conversations dedicated to menstrual health.

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Registration is limited. You can also join via Youtube once the event starts.>> Youtube livestream

21-29 May Tanzania National Coalition activities


Press release – a call to action

 21st May 2023

One week before the MH Day a press release will be made via the MoH Digital Media platform and will be picked up by Coalition Members and influencers


A one-week media engagement

From 21st -28th May, 2023

A talking note will be prepared to guide the speakers, a list of speakers will be drawn from MHH members at least 20 members, and a Media house with broad coverage/reach will be chosen. Free media services-Presentation will be made and if possible video and radio sports


Launching of sanitary pads vending machine

26th May 2023

The launching will be done by the Minister of Health on this day as it will be a working day where all the students will be readily available at Bunge Secondary School


To conduct National Dialogue on MHH, which will involve senior national-level officials

28th May 2023

The dialogue will involve key speakers from MoH, PORALG, MoFP, MoA, MoCDG and the Chair of each Pillar while the participants will be all the MHH members (250) and representatives from Ministries (100) and Institutions (TMDA, TBS, TRA, NIMR, IHI)


Launching of OKY App for Tanzania Girls developed by UNICEF.

28th May 2023

The launching will be done by Hon Minister for Health on MH Day after giving her speech prior to National Dialogue. It is a period-tracking app tailored for girls in Tanzania. The displays of App will be provided during the dialogue session.


Diagnostics and medical Consultation on Menstrual Cramps. To celebrate the commemoration by offering management to women and girls with menstrual challenges.

28th May 2023

Specialized health personnel will be involved and women and girls with challenges can consult them. At least 20 health personnel will be involved each of whom will attend 50 clients making a total of 1000.A special avenue to allow privacy has to be decided


TOT to Matrons on Menstrual Cramp First Aid service to school girls from 8  district councils in Dodoma Region.

29th May 2023

At least 3 health teachers in primary of each council will be chosen to attend a one-day training. The facilitators will be the specialized health personnel who were involved in attending women and girls with challenges in MH Day TOTs will also be invited to attend the dialogue


Conduct Annual General Meeting – AGM of Tanzania MHH Coalition

29 May 2023

The meeting will be attended by Coalition Members with the agenda of reviewing the previously agreed actions.

31 May - The power of collective action on MHH by GMC and MH Hub

A vibrant community of menstrual health and hygiene (MHH) networks are working tirelessly to make menstrual equity a reality in their regions and countries. The Global Menstrual Collective (GMC) and  MH Hub are bringing together powerful networks from Africa, the Pacific, South Asia, and beyond to learn from the collective experience of Tanzania, East Africa and Nepal feat. a special guest for reflections.

Together we believe that joint advocacy, evidence-generation, and cross-learning can strengthen a global movement for MHH for all!

Join us for our first fireside chat on 31 May, 2023.
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We inaugurated a sustainable period product box that we have been working on for the past year at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA). The sustainable period product box is the first of its kind initiative at any department at Columbia or any ivy league school that provides students with the following: […]

Using Cultural Dance in rural communities and urban slums to engaging girls and boys in generating discussion around the silence surrounding menstruation, period stigma and poverty. Also teaching girl how to make reusable pads and donating sanitary pads to 2000 Girls

Girls and women face substantial menstrual hygiene management (MHM) challenges in low- and middle-income countries. These challenges are related to inadequate knowledge and insufficient water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) facilities In improving girls’ education in Pwani Region by keeping girls in school, RUFFO – HedhiYangu Project (R-HYP) in the region has been able to support […]

ZanaAfrica in partnership with 9 Community-Based Organizations across Kenya, is providing mentorship sessions on Menstrual, Sexual and Reproductive Health. ZanaAfrica through its mentors in Kaloleni and Kilifi sub counties will be educating both girls and boys on menstrual health whilst also providing sanitary products (the Nia Pad and educational materials- The Nia at home series). […]

Untold Period Stories In collaboration with Accountability Lab Nepal, is organizing Beyond Blood: Outspoken, From Whispers to Roars to explore and celebrate the various narratives and experiences surrounding menstruation that goes beyond bleeding through creative and artistic forms such as slam poetry, acoustic, storytelling, and performance art. The previous Beyond the Blood series was more […]

2nd Period Policy Conference is a yearly conference organized by our organization in partnership eith state government and MDAs to seek a period/menstrual policy for students in their individual states. our aim to is get provision of sanitary pads Termly or Monthly made available in schools across each local government area in rural communities for […]

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