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MH Day 2022 campaign materials

Get your campaign materials now!

Whether you work on ending period stigma, ensuring access to period products or education about menstruation, this year’s set of Menstrual Hygiene Day campaign materials has everything you need for your social media activity.

As ever, we’ve teamed up with incredible artists from around the world. This year we’re introducing a bold new typographic style specifically created for your advocacy work.


Key topics

This year, we have campaign motifs on a wide range of topics, including education about menstruation, period stigma, access to products, and our vision for 2030.


Typography-based motifs for advocacy

We’ve created a set of five typography-based motifs specifically intended to support your advocacy work. Use them to urge institutions to prioritise MHH. 

Adaptable to your needs

The motifs are available as ready to use versions with headlines in Arabic, English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish – Hindi coming soon. And as versions without headlines to include your own messaging. All motifs come with white space for your organisation’s logo and in a variety of sizes for all social channels.

2022 campaign hashtags

Hashtags for Menstrual Hygiene Day 2022

The main hashtags for MH Day 2022 are #MHDay2022 and #WeAreCommitted.

Please make sure to use these hashtags in all of your posts, tweets, Tiktoks and stories, so that we and other MH Day partners can find, like and share your amazing content!

Tag the MH Day social channels: @menstrualhygieneday (Facebook, Instagram) and @mhday28may (Twitter).

You can also use the following thematic hashtags to highlight your specific areas of work:


Create your own MH Day materials

Use the campaign logo and bracelet to create your own content

Show your support and affiliation with MH Day by adding the new campaign logo and the Menstruation Bracelet visuals when you create your own content for your social channels, your website or when you hold in-person events. You can add them to any assets such as photos, presentations, posters and much more.

Rules of use

Who can use MH Day materials and how

Non-profits, social enterprises, and individuals

The MH Day logo and all MH Day campaign materials are free to use for individuals and any type of non-profit organisation, including, but not limited to, national and international NGOs, national and international governmental agencies, foundations, educational institutions, and social enterprises.

For-profit organisations

The use of MH Day campaign materials (including the MH Day logo) is restricted to official corporate partners of MH Day. To explore opportunities for a corporate partnership, please write to