Upholding The Red Badge

The Pristine Project is an initiative of an individual burdened with the concern of accelerating advocacy on menstrual hygiene management and the related issues involved. In recognition of the forthcoming World Global Menstrual Hygiene Day, this event aims at reaching...

he Colour Red Is Beautiful

GCAF Nigeria will be running a well- structured girl friendly experience sharing and storytelling workshop and an art therapy session. We will also develop social media posts to align with 28th May 2019 menstrual hygiene day theme. GCAF will be documenting different...

Red school initiative

The Red School Nigeria Initiative is all about menstrual hygiene awareness and pad circulation to schools in Nigeria. On the 28th May, we will lecture and circulate sanitary pads to female students in secondary schools around the state. We join the world to celebrate...

Menstrual Hygiene Day Awareness

We are going to a mall in Lagos, Nigeria called leisure mall. The goal is to distribute pads to young girls and teach them about sanitary hygiene.

Sanitary Sanity Campaign

Menstrual Health Education in Several Secondary schools across the state culminating in the announcing of the the winner of an essay competition that would be a part of the program during the week.