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This activity’s major importance is to change the life and hygiene of each of the vulnerable girls and women of Burundi and more precisely 1,000 vulnerable women of the Batwa community of Busekera commune Bukeye by distributing washable sanitary napkins and train them how to use and make themselves those washable sanitary napkins.

Programme: Pourquoi la Journée mondiale de l’hygiène menstruelle? Pourquoi la sensibilisation sur l’hygiène menstruelle ? Vidéo conseil Démonstration port serviette hygiénique Distribution serviettes hygiéniques

UNFPA Pacific is planning a big celebration for the MHD 2022 in Suva, Fiji. Multi-sectoral actors from different networks and clusters are coming together with ministerial-level government panels including more than sixty adolescent girls and boys invited. The main event is comprised of a mix of presentations and panel sessions, followed by the #WeAreCommited section […]

Since December 2016, Girls of school-going ages lost their opportunity of schooling because of the ongoing sociopolitical conflict in the English Speaking regions of Cameroon. Mbengwi with a Population of about 15,734 situated along Latitude: 6° 01′ 0.01″ N and Longitude: 10° 00′ 0.00″ E is one of the rural communities that suffers a lot […]

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