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Become a partner in the Alliance

As a partner on MH Day, we welcome you to contribute your time, energy and ideas to make this day a real, big deal.

There is no financial obligation in getting involved.

Simply send us your logo as a symbol of support.

We will then include you into the planning processes for May 28 and happy to connect you to other organisations working in your region.

Questions? Simply contact us!

Use and share our materials widely

We have uploaded all materials that you can use and share for print and online use.

You can of course create your own materials, but we would appreciate if you include the Menstrual Hygiene Day logo and the slogan for this year!

Show your support on social media

Check our Social Media Guide for Links, Tips and Tweets!

Create an event and add it on the map

The Secretariat does not describe what activities partners should do. You know your location and audience best – and can organize activities according to what you want to achieve, your resources and ideas.

  • A generic event check-guide can be found  here
  • Get inspiration from previous events ☺

You can enter your event details directly here. The information will automatically enter our system and after a quick check from our side, will appear on a map on the MH Day website.

Involve the media
Engage politicians, religious leaders, stars,....

We are very proud and appreciative to have been part of Menstrual Hygiene Day!

Period Panteez, USA