Add your voice to the MH Day campaign using the Menstruation Bracelet

Created by MH Day, the Menstruation Bracelet is a global symbol for menstruation. The bracelet consists of 28 elements, five of the elements are red. 28 stands for the average length of the cycle, five for the average length of a period.

By wearing the bracelet, you’ll show that periods are nothing to hide, start conversations about menstruation and help push back taboos and stigma, one bracelet at a time.

Adding your voice to this campaign couldn’t be easier! All you need to do is share a photo of yourself online featuring a digital menstruation bracelet.

Why add your voice?

Menstruation is an entirely normal and healthy physical function. Yet for thousands of years, women and girls* have been excluded, stigmatised and disempowered just because they menstruate. Period taboos and stigma still persist today, causing severe negative consequences on women and girls’ health, education, income earning opportunities and on gender equality overall.

Menstrual Hygiene Day is a movement of more than 900 organisations working together to create a world where no one is held back because they menstruate by 2030.

28 May is our global day of action. This 28 May, we’re asking you to help us to end period taboos and stigma!

*We recognise that not everyone who menstruates identifies as a woman and that not all women menstruate

Step 1: Get the bracelet

Digital bracelets are available in different shapes as static cut-outs and animated GIFs. The GIFs have been made especially for Instagram stories. You can search for them as stickers on Insta using the keyword ‘MHDay’. They’re available on GIPHY, too.

Step 2: Add it to a selfie

Choose your favourite bracelet and add it to a selfie. Adding a bracelet to your photo is super quick, easy and takes just a few seconds. You can use any design app, but we recommend using Canva as it’s free. Add an animated GIF to your Insta story like any other sticker.

Step 3: Post your bracelet picture

Now you’re ready to publish your bracelet picture on your social media channels. Remember to include the hashtags #MHDay2023 and #EndPeriodStigma and tag us @menstrualhygieneday (Facebook, Instagram) and @mhday28may (Twitter) so we can find and amplify your posts.