Unicef celebrated the most innovative initiatives of menstrual hygiene management at the Menstrual Hygiene Management Innovation Challenge in Pakistan. Here are the 7 most distinct projects and their prizes, congratulations!


The first prize goes to: The PMS Project in Lahore, by Alizey Sohail, Hina Farooqui and Ayesha Arshad



Second prize goes to Menstruation: Taboos, Myths, Awareness and Acceptance by Warda Malik in Islamabad





The Runners-up:

Aurat Raaj by Saba Khalid in Karachi



Udaan by Granaz Balouch in Gwadar, Balochistan




Change by Iqra Irfan, Samiullah Khan and Areena Kamil




Sehat Appa by Makkiya Jawed in Karachi




The OvaryActBot by Naveed Tejani and Farzana Barkat Ali in Karachi





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