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In the newsletter we share MH Day campaign updates, but also issue regularly “The Periodical” which features relevant menstrual health and hygiene information, such as news, events & webinars and new resources.

November 2021: The Periodical – November edition with lots of periodtax updates

October 2021: Day of the Girl Child – Campaign materials

September 2021: The Periodical – Autumn edition

September 2021: MHM Education Guide available for everyone

June 2021: Preliminary results and recording of Studio MH Day

May 2021: MH Day 2021 and Studio MH Day details

May 2021: Newsflash (2)- Campaign video and announcing Studio MH Day

May 2021: Newsflash (1) – Campaign materials updates   and event reminders!

May 2021: Campaign materials for MH Day 2021 are ready!

April 2021: Second MH Day Announcement: Event entry, new campaign logo

April 2021: First MH Day 2021 Announcement

March 2021: NEWSFLASH –  Save the Date for MHH Symposium West & Central Africa

February 2021: THE PERIODICAL – news, events and resources you do not want to miss

January 2021: NEWSFLASH – Making the case for investing in menstrual health and hygiene

December 2020: NEWSFLASH – is now online! A one-stop site about menstrual product taxes

November 2020:  THE PERIODICAL – Scrap the Tax webinar announcement and other events and news

October 2020: MH DAY: Day of the Girl Child 2020 – campaign materials

October 2020: THE PERIODICAL – Studio MH Day:Impact re-cap, news and new resources

September 2020:  MH DAY: Studio MH Day: Impact

July 2020: MH DAY: Results of MH Day 2020 and plans moving forward

May 2020: MH DAY: Ready, steady, GO!!!! Join Studio MH Day + global campaign video premiere!

May 2020: MH DAY: Thank you to our supporters and MH Day 2020 updates

May 2020: MH Day: The campaign materials are ready!

April 2020: Menstrual Hygiene Day 2020 – Crowdsourced Video, Menstruation Bracelet + more!

April 2020- NEWSFLASH – ‘No Chance for Corona’ Comic for Kids Now Available

April 2020: NEWSFLASH –  Periods don’t stop for pandemics. Neither will we!

January 2020: NEWSFLASH –  Sign up for our upcoming web-dialogue ‘Scrap The Period Tax: Low- and Middle-Income Country Perspectives’

November 2019: THE PERIODICAL – Winter 2019 Announcements, Policy Updates and Events

November 2019: NEWSFLASH –  ICPD+25 Together we are making history. Period.

September 2019: THE PERIODICAL– Autumn 2019 Announcements and Events

June 2019: Thank you for celebrating MH Day – first highlights

May 2019: Menstrual Hygiene Day 2019 is finally here! >> Share the highlight video!

April 2019: Join the “Action for Menstrual Hygiene Education”

March 2019: It’s Time for Action 📢

November 2018: Impact report 2018 and upcoming micro-campaigns

June 2018: MH Day was bigger than ever

May 2018: MH Day Countdown is ON! 10, 9, 8, ....🎈

May 2018: MH Day 2018: Style guide, campaign materials, social media pieces and event entry

April 2018: MH Day 2018 info and MHM policy updates, new resources, and news

December 2017: Seasons greetings, podcasts, Pad Man

November 2017: Events, policy updates, resources, news

October 2017: New conference calender,  MHM Virtual conference, policy updates from Norway, UK and Afghanistan,

August 2017: MH Day 2017 Highlight report, policy updates, new research

July 2017: Highlights from MH Day 2017

May 2017: MH Day is here!

May 2017: May Menstravaganza, preview for MH Day events

April 2017:  MH Day campaign materials

March 2017: MH Day 2017 theme, summary from planning webinar, online learning and new resources

January 2017: The best of 2016, launching the new resource section

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