“This book invites you to explore menstruation from nearly every possible angle, including dimensions that you might not yet have considered: the historical, political, embodied, cultural, religious, social, health, economic, artistic, literary and many more. With 72 chapters on more than 1000 pages, the Handbook–the first of its kind–establishes Critical Menstruation Studies as a rich field of research” –

Editors: Chris Bobel, Inga T. Winkler, Breanne Fahs, Katie Ann Hasson, Elizabeth Arveda Kissling, Tomi-Ann Roberts

The book is structured into following chapters:

  • Menstruation as Fundamental
  • Menstruation as Embodied
  • Menstruation as Rationale
  • Menstruation as Structural
  • Menstruation as Material
  • Menstruation as Narrative

The entire book can be accessed for free here:


Ina Jurga- International coordinator for MH Day is part of a dialogue article called “Transnational Engagements: Menstrual Health and Hygiene—Emergence and Future Directions”. Link https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-981-15-0614-7_48

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