This International Women’s Day the Indian government has made several huge committments towards better access to sanitary pads:

Union governmemt launched low cost biodegradable sanitary napkins
The Union government  marked the International Women’s Day by launching low cost biodegradable sanitary napkins to be available across 586 Indian districts through central medicine distribution outlets.
Called “Suvidha”, this set of four napkins will cost Rs 10 as against existing corresponding prices for similar packs of non biodegradable pads being anywhere between Rs 30 to Rs 80.
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Maharashtra launched  ‘Asmita Yojana’ sheme for subsidized sanitary pads
The government of Maharashtra is launching a scheme to make subsidized sanitary napkins accessible to rural girls and women in Maharashtra. The scheme, called Asmita Yojana, will be officially launched today to mark the International Women’s Day.
Under the Yojana, sanitary napkins will be made available to girls studying in District council schools for as low as USD 0.08 a packet. The scheme will also extend to rural women, who would be able to buy sanitary napkins at the subsidized rate of as low as USD 0.38 to USD 0.45.
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Ludhiana district launched ‘Pankh Maar Udaari’ awareness campaign .
The program is aimed to motivate the women to not to remain silent and talk about periods, break the myths, menstrual hygiene management, use of sanitary pad and proper disposal.
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(Published 09-03-2018)

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