READY FOR RED is an innovative e-learning platform about menstruation and menstrual hygiene products for teenagers aged 11-16.

To get an impression of READY FOR RED visit There you will also find more information about how to use the platform. Please note that the website has not yet been translated to English!

The platform is structured in 4 levels. Within over 50 interactive and diverse educational games and videos teenagers are able to deal with this topic in a creative and fun way.

Because of its interdisciplinary content, READY FOR RED can be used in biology classes as well as in other classes. The contents refer to the educational tasks mentioned in the curriculums of the Austrian Ministry of Education.



Background information: A survey among 1.100 teenagers conducted in April 2017 showed that menstruation is still a massive taboo for most teenagers. Insufficient knowledge about the causes and methods of treatment of period pains as well as health and ecological effects of menstrual hygiene products are the consequences. For this reason READY FOR RED was developed. By the end of 2017 it had already been tested in over 15 schools with approx. 400 teenagers.

Previous results: 80% of teenagers stated to have learned something new from READY FOR RED. 65% also want to use the platform after class. Likewise, we constantly receive positive feedback from teachers: „I was really impressed by READY FÜR RED and I still am!“


If you are interested in using the platform or if you have further questions, please contact us:

Mag. Annemarie Harant and Mag. Bettina Steinbrugger / phone: 0043650 /333 1267




published 04.04.2018

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