MH Webinar Series 2018

Menstrual Hygiene (MH) has been continuously gaining visibility and importance in humanitarian relief and development. MH-issues and responses are inherently inter-sectoral, and offer remarkable opportunities for cross-organisational, international and multi- sectoral cooperation to address this critical dignity issue for menstruators around the globe.
About the webinar series
WASH United, Simavi, World Vision and GIZ launched an MH-focused webinar series. The overall objective of the series was to document and promote learning and connection between menstrual hygiene practitioners and interested professionals from different sectors, with a specific aim to refine and advance the global MH agenda.
This five- part webinar series started the week of 28 May (Menstrual Hygiene Day), and focused on a different aspect of MH each week:
  • Webinar 1: The issue, evidence and gaps
  • Webinar 2: Solutions to improve knowledge, attitudes, and practices
  • Webinar 3: Creating access to menstrual products
  • Webinar 4: Infrastructure solutions
  • Webinar 5: Advocating for MH
The sessions resulted in lively discussions and participants raising questions, bringing in their own experiences and sharing useful resources. More than 650 people registered to participate in the series, illustrating the growing global movement
around MH. It also builds a foundation for a growing MH-focused community of practice, focusing on sharing and learning on MH, especially for NGOs in the global south. The following document summarizes the key recommendations emerging from the five webinars and includes all webinar summaries.

Webinar 1  

Menstrual hygiene: the issue, evidence and gaps

Date: 31 May

Description: Discuss the current state of MHM on the global stage – the issue, current evidence and existing gaps. We will discuss evidence-informed programming for MH, and what is important to take into account. We will share examples of evidence-based programmes and rigorous evaluation of MH programmes.

Thematic presenter /moderator: Marni Sommer, Columbia University / Kristie Urich, WorldVision
Topic presenter 1: Megan White Mukuria, Zana Africa
Topic presenter 2: Lidwien Sol, Maastricht University/ Erasmus University (Ritu programme Bangladesh)

Audio recording:

Webinar 2  

Solutions to improve knowledge, practices and attitude

Date: 7 June

Description: Starting from a global discourse on menstruation, we will discuss taboos surrounding menstruation in different parts of the world. Following this, we will explore solutions to address limiting norms and values and barriers to knowledge and education. We will share different methodological approaches tailored for adolescent girls and boys and discuss strategies for scaling vs. localized interventions.

Thematic presenters/moderators:  Chris Bobel
Topic presenter 1:  Nirmala Nair, WASH United (India)
Topic presenter 2: Bosun Jang, Sesame Workshop (USA)

Audio recordings: 

Webinar 3  

Creating access to menstrual products

Date: 14 June

Description: Starting from the different needs and expectations of women and girls regarding menstrual products in different countries, we will explore gaps in access to these products. We will explore examples of sustainable market-based distribution systems and (sustainable) locally produced products.

Thematic presenters/moderators: Nancy Mueller, PATH
Topic presenter 1: Wonder Mafuta, World Vision (Somalia)
Topic presenter 2: Charu Agarwal, Dharma Life  (India)

Audio recordings:

Webinar 4:

Infrastructure solutions for MH
Date: 21 June 2018

Description: Starting from the specific needs of women and girls regarding WASH facilities, especially during their menstruation, we will share good practices in terms of WASH infrastructural design and disposal at institutional level, with a focus on female-friendly design. We will also explore how the SDG WASH in Schools monitoring framework addresses MHM infrastructure indirectly in the core indicators and directly in the expanded indicators.

Moderator: Thérèse Mahon, WaterAid
Thematic presenter : Bella Monse, GIZ
Topic presenter 1: Hashim Khan, GIZ Pakistan
Topic presenter 2: Arundati Muralidharan, WaterAid India

Audio recording:

Webinar 5:

Advocating for MH

Date: 11 July  Live broadcast from a side event at the HLPF, New York

Description: The final webinar will discuss relevance and opportunities to advocate for MH. We will explore how to link international advocacy across sectors as well as how to link national advocacy to advocacy on a global level. We will share some good practices on advocacy on national level and identify opportunities to work together.


  • Inga Winkler, Colombia University
  • Irene Gai, WSSCC
  • Mahbuba Kumkum, Simavi Bangladesh

Audi recordings: