With the report “Menstruation im Fokus”, Plan International Germany and WASH United are publishing the first representative data on the state of menstruation in Germany.

What we found is shocking.
? More than one fifth of survey participants had no idea what happened to them when they had their first period. 22% felt overwhelmed and helpless.
? For 23%, the monthly expenses for period products represent a financial burden. 12% uses period products longer than they should to reduce costs, thereby risking infections.
? One third of participants feel „impure” during their period. 79% of men admit having made “period jokes” or having seen friends make such jokes.
? 29% of respondents say that they sometimes stay at home during their period, so they don’t have to use poorly equipped or dirty public toilets.

The message is clear: it’s urgent time for action! If not now, when?

Release date 23.05.2022

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