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MH Day 2017 was bigger than ever!

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About MH Day

Menstrual Hygiene Day will help to break the silence and build awareness about the fundamental role that good menstrual hygiene management (MHM) plays in enabling women and girls to reach their full potential.


Menstrual Hygiene Day is a global platform for partners across all sectors to engage in action, advocacy and knowledge-sharing around menstrual hygiene management. The MH Day Alliance include NGOs, civil society, social businesses, research organisation, and governments working on MHM.

MHM and the SDGs

Menstruation matters to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). While there is no specific goal or indicator, this infographic shows how MHM is linked to several of the goals. Use and share this infographic to advocate for more attention to MHM.

MHM and human rights

The biological fact of menstruation, the necessity of managing menstruation, and society’s response to them both is linked with women’s and girls’ human rights and gender equality. Read this practictioners guide on MHM and Human Rights.

Periods are nothing to hide

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MenstrualHygieneDay @MHDay28May
RT @AmikaGeorge: On WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 20TH we will PROTEST in Parliament Square to call on the British Government to end Period Poverty in…
2 days ago
MenstrualHygieneDay @MHDay28May
By Girls, For Girls: Sanitary Pad Production in #Ethiopia. #menstruationmatters #humanitarian @theIRC PODCAST 🎧:
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If you have seen our post earlier, where Amika wrote an open letter to Theresa May, here us her excellent TED talk that describes how she started #freeperiod only a year ago and what happend since.
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Time to celebrate! MH Day 2017 was bigger than ever!

The latest on MHM

MHM in the news, conference announcements and much more…

Ghana is pretty amazing on MHM!

Large-scale MHM Talk Touching The Lives of Girls Foundation in partnership with the Ministry of Education has organized a menstrual hygiene talk in Ghana on the 18th November for about 3.000 girls. Pop singer Becca was present to talk to the girls and hand out pads to...

MHM in Emergencies

The  toolkit aims to provide streamlined guidance to support organizations and agencies seeking to rapidly integrate menstrual hygiene management (MHM) into existing programming across sectors and phases. It was designed to support a range of humanitarian actors...

Afghanistan: first ever Girls Hygiene Day

KABUL, Afghanistan, 30 AUGUST 2017 – The first ever ‘Girls’ Hygiene Day’ in Afghanistan was marked today with a high level event at the Marble Palace under the slogan, ‘Nothing can stop me going to school’, to raise national awareness of the importance of girls’...

Menstrual Hygiene a Human Rights Issue

Human Rights Watch and WASH United released a guide for aid and development groups and others who work with women and girls, to address human rights in menstrual hygiene in their programming. DOWNLOAD Most women and girls will menstruate every month between menarche...

Nepalese Parliament criminalised use of menstrual huts

The use of ‘menstrual huts’ to banish women from their homes has been criminalised by the Nepalese Parliament after a unanimous vote on Wednesday.   The new law that will come into effect next year stipulates a three month jail sentence or a 3,000 rupee fine...

Menstrual Hygiene Management Innovation Challenge

Unicef celebrated the most innovative initiatives of menstrual hygiene management at the Menstrual Hygiene Management Innovation Challenge in Pakistan. Here are the 7 most distinct projects and their prizes, congratulations!   The first prize goes to: The PMS...

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