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46 days ago
MenstrualHygieneDay @MHDay28May
RT @KareenaK_FC: Clip - Kareena interacting with the young girls at the Unicef India Event
46 days ago
MenstrualHygieneDay @MHDay28May
RT @UNICEFIndia: Kareena Kapoor Khan on why we all must work together to ensure a #FairStart for our children

Menstrual Hygiene Day - Global shared The Guardian's It's time for #menstrualequity.

The Guardian
New York state has banned the 'tampon tax' but will the 39 other states that impose the tax follow suit?
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Menstrual Hygiene Day - Global shared WoMena's video.

How was your first time.? When using a menstrual cup!?
A lovely video from WoMena introducing cups in Uganda.
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Menstruation matters to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our infographic shows how MHM is linked to several of the goals. Share the graphic to advocate for MHM.

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About MH Day

Menstrual Hygiene Day will help to break the silence and build awareness about the fundamental role that good menstrual hygiene management (MHM) plays in enabling women and girls to reach their full potential.


Menstrual Hygiene Day is a global platform for partners across all sectors to engage in action, advocacy and knowledge-sharing around menstrual hygiene management. The MH Day Alliance include NGOs, civil society, social businesses, research organisation, and governments working on MHM.

MHM and the SDGs

Menstruation matters to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). While there is no specific goal or indicator, this infographic shows how MHM is linked to several of the goals. Use and share this infographic to advocate for more attention to MHM.

MHM and human rights

The biological fact of menstruation, the necessity of managing menstruation, and society’s response to them both is linked with women’s and girls’ human rights and gender equality. Read and comment on this draft paper.

Organisations are members of the MH Day Alliance

MH Day events

The latest on MHM

MH Day in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

Global Menstrual Hygiene Day 2016 was observed at Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India with much interest and vigour in a collaborative way by Aaina, WaterAid, NAWO, Practical Action & other CSOs of the state on 28th May this year. This day was marked with different...

Sharing the “DigniTEA” across Australia

Share the Dignity (STD) is an Australian charity that provides homeless and at risk women with sanitary items so as to allow them a sense of dignity at a time when they need it most. It is run on an entirely voluntary basis, with approximately 450 “Sheroes” (and a few...

MHM Virtual Conference – Call for Abstracts

The 5th Annual Virtual Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) in Schools (WinS) Conference will focus on the many ways that girls’ voices are being captured and channeled into action on MHM in schools and in their lives more...

MH Day in Bangladesh – Bike Rally in 3 districts

Youth Voice’s Celebration of World Menstrual Hygiene Day 2016 has been successfully accomplished by organizing  3 cycling rallys in Khulna , Chittagiong and Dhaka  city. Hundreds of riders voiced together  to support and aware people of the taboos and hygiene...

National MH Day event Kenya

Kenya’s National MH Day event was  observed in Chepseon Girls Secondary School in Kipkelion East Sub-county, Kericho County. The day began with activities and games for students and teachers from 42 schools who attended together with Community Health Volunteers...

Uganda’s MH Day celebration on 6 May

MH Day in Uganda was already celebrated on 6th May. It specifically called for fathers to pledge support to their wives, daughters and female members of the family and community. Dr. Yusuf Nsubuga, the Director of Basic Education at the Ministry of Education Science,...

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